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Ready, steady, launch!

4 November 2014 - 2:52pm
| by Clive Adams

Photo: Digital Engagement Team demo the new website
Today is the launch day for the newly designed website of The Salvation Army’s United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Above, some of the digital engagement team display the homepage of the website at the prelaunch presentation.
After months of widespread consultation with end-users and close collaboration with consultants, the website is ready for use to empower and facilitate mission as a robust digital platform. The consultation stage focused on user requirements. An exercise took place with those on the front line – corps officers (church leaders) and centre managers – using workshops to gather information on what they required and desired for their web pages.


Having gathered information on front-line requirements, the next stage of the process for the development team focused on using that information to create the design concepts for the new website. Key components of the design features were that the website had to be easy to use and allow flexibility and creativity in creating distinctive web pages for individual ministry units within the overall design.

Divisions (regional administrative areas) and churches who wish to update their content themselves will receive control of the website. Reports, placards, videos and photos can be uploaded to give the particular web page a unique look for each ministry unit, while being recognisable as The Salvation Army.

Perhaps you will not be enamoured by the new design. Perhaps you find it not to your aesthetic taste, or lacking some detail you believe to be essential. Remember that the focus is on the front line and the website is designed to meet the expressed needs of churches and centres.

The website features interactive multimedia possibilities, such as a prayer wall on which you can post prayers, the facility to post on the territory’s Twitter account, to upload videos and pictures. The website is crammed with information – from the location of the nearest Salvation Army church to how you can partner with us in serving suffering humanity. You can read about what it means to be a Salvationist and about the transformation people have experienced through the ministry of The Salvation Army.

But, why read about it when you can actually try it out on Wednesday! Here’s the link, it is expected to go live in the evening any time after 6pm. Enjoy as you explore! Happy surfing!



Submitted by Vicki on

Great website but a little disappointed to find a whole lot about the Army and very little about what we believe and the God we believe in. I know there's a link to reJesus but an opportunity missed, I think, to put the message of the cross right there, easy for people to find. So many people think that the Army is just a social organisation. We really need to be explicit about the reason we serve, I think.

Submitted by Shaz on

I agree - the website looks great and is in keeping with the digital, social media age...but hard to find what the Army actually believe and who you believe in. Looks like a great social organisation (and church, if you know what church is).

Submitted by Gaby on

Dear all

Thank you for all your feedback and patience. We are still building our content up. Meanwhile, you can check out the Faith and Worship section of our website to find out more as well as read stories about people who have found faith through The Salvation Army.

If you have any more feedback, feel free to share this with us

Gaby (Digital Engagement Manager)

Submitted by Margaret Coles on

As a former adherent, it is sad to see that the Salvation Army has allowed Jesus Christ to be relegated to one of the web pages. Maybe one of the sections in your business. This is true of so many human institutions founded in His name, but turning inwards on themselves. My friends had warned me that the SA were seeking salvation by works and I stoutly defended them as I sought to serve with them. It seems maybe they were right.
Without Him raised high there is no future for the Army. General Booth would weep could he see the encroaching paralysis sweeping over his legacy. As one of your own workers has said, the Army needs to learn to die before it can give life to the needy. I have heard it from the lips of one in my community that they cannot cope with those who are their own worst enemy, and have nothing to say to them. Isn't that what Booth set out to do through the hope of the Gospel? Only Jesus, the only God of Salvation, can save the lost sheep but only through us can He reach out to them. As Paul said ' for your sake we are put to death all the day long, led as sheep to the slaughter' in order to give life and hope to others.
Please demonstrate Him to our nation or else you will loose your ensign and we will perish too.

Submitted by Antony Mugford on

I have been searching for a while and I cannot find what we believe. Are the doctrines posted anywhere? Also, the impression I get from a lot of this site is that it is very heavily slanted towards public relations rather than giving information.

Submitted by Stephen Poxon on

Hi Margaret. I hope you don't mind me offering the gentlest of responses to your comments, but I do feel obliged to put forward the humble opinion that the overwhelming majority of Salvationists I know are committed to the gospel and to the cause of Christ. In my albeit relatively limited experience of Salvation Army life, I have found most members to be devoted followers of Jesus, serving him in a variety of ways. The Salvation Army makes no claim to perfection (which is a good thing for me personally, otherwise I'd have to leave), but I believe it is true to say that it, as a Movement, does its best to interpret the Bible for the present age and to demonstrate the love of God across the world, in word and in deed. I am truly sorry you feel as you do, although I completely respect your opinion. Please pray for us Salvationists, that we might ever seek to see Christ more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly. God bless you, Margaret.

Submitted by Shaz on

Looking at the websites of other Christian Organisations (e.g. Tearfund), we are definitely missing the 'Statement of Faith' from our website. This is the main thing lots of Christians will look for when considering a church or supporting an organisation. Hopefully this is still to come?...

Submitted by Margaret Coles on

Thank you Stephen. I am so glad you are speaking out on behalf of the majority of Salvationists and that encourages me. I feel much as you do about all those who seek to show the love of Jesus in our land, and pray with great longing in my heart that we will reflect Him to others and that His name will be honoured in our country.
Knowing the power of His resurrection is always accompanied by the fellowship of His suffering. We desire the former but are not always prepared for the latter.
My grandfather met General Booth on the way to South Africa as a missionary, and knowing him as I did, and learning to know General Booth through his book, Darkest England, they shared the same longing and much the same strategy in reaching those who had so little. My grandfather's message was 'The old, old story of Jesus and His love'. It is the music of the Army which is both healing and powerful beyond measure.
Prayer is the source of all blessings and the heart of a believing community wherever it is found. The fellowship is to provoke love and good works. Whether it is called a 'church' or not is irrelevant. You have an amazing legacy of this essence and in God's purposes it will always bear fruit.
God is a God of blessing and I can say with David, my cup is running over beyond measure though I am totally undeserving of His mercy. He seems to favour hell-bent sinners!

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